The Road So Far: Lebanon

I know I skipped 2, but to be honest, they weren’t that great anyway. It was a lot of the same shit and the self-hatred and self-sacrificing shit that we see every season from at least one of the Winchesters, mainly Dean.

But I couldn’t not review the 300th episode. It would be a sin. So here I am, literally writing this minutes after the premiere. (Or in the case of this intro before the cut, 45 minutes before the premiere. AAHHH!)

Will I love it? Will I hate it? Is John Winchester still an ass??

Let’s find out below the cut!

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

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The Road So Far: Nihilism Review

Hey everyone! Back with another post and one that is a review of my absolute favorite show on the planet (besides Doctor Who) – Supernatural! It’s a lot to get in to but I got into it when we had less than 10 seasons. Wanna get in to it now? Good luck and you can pretty much skip season 7 cause it sucked anyway.

I don’t think a lot of people I follow or people who follow me watch this, but whatever. My blog, my rules. Plus at least i’m writing something, right? These posts, which I’m calling ‘The Road So Far’ like what the opening title says, will probably all come on Fridays from now on if I can actually remember to watch it on time. If not, expect them on Mondays.

So yes, as you can see I’m still trying to figure out a schedule thing. But enough about that, I have some feelings about this episode I need to scream out.

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THE ROAD SO FAR: Supernatural season 14 mid-season recap

Hold onto your butts everyone, because for once in my life, I’m bringing up a new fandom to review on this blog. To be fair I want to do it every episode like Doctor Who, but when I decided I wanted to do that I was already behind and the season already started. So when it comes back in January expect a weekly review for this one too. Or at least a review after I watch the episodes. 

You may not know this, but Supernatural is my show. Like, that one show that you have seen every episode of, will support until it ends, and can’t get sick of. It turns a lot of people away from wanting to get in to it because of its 14 seasons. I got lucky and got into it when there was 9 seasons finished, 10 going to premiere. 

Season 9 went on Netflix and 24 hours later I finished it and watched season 10 premiere on the CW. 

This season, there is a lot going on. Like, holy shit. If you’re actually trying to watch all 14 seasons in order without cheating, this post isn’t for you. If you’re behind a couple episodes, this post isn’t for you. So like, spoilers. 

Also, this is quite a long one. I am sorry. 

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