WhoReview: Demons of Punjab

Hello everyone! We’re back again this week with another WhoReview (late in the week as always… RIP me and my motivation).

Once more this week we had an amazing episode in all of the production ways. Let’s get right to it and get this review on the way and my screaming about how much I love the Doctor.

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Doctor Who Review: Rosa + Arachnids in the UK

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Doctor Who Reviews!

I’ve decided that I’m going to add a whole new category for these, calling them WhoReviews! They’ll be under reviews on the main menu so you can easily navigate them – and I’ll be adding other WhoReviews to the category as well so everything is all nice and neatly done!

I’m a bit behind on reviews and that is my fault – which is why I am combining the two episodes! There wasn’t much new in these episodes really but oh boy was it still as fantastic as the rest! Read more below and as always:


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Doctor Who Review: New titles, new TARDIS and more!

Hello everyone! My brain told me to write a post about something else like my life or something more serious than Doctor Who, but my heart told me to write about Doctor Who, so here I am writing about Doctor Who. One of these days I’ll write something personable but until then, I’m gonna scream about Doctor Who.

Rather than reviewing the episode as a whole, I’m going to just chat about the bits I liked throughout the episode and new things that appear throughout the season. Because with a new Doctor comes a change in the show, so I’m here to nitpick the new things.

And scream about how much I love the Doctor.

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Doctor Who at San Diego Comic Con

I knew there was going to be Doctor Who at San Diego Comic Con… I didn’t know there was going to be THIS much. I am going to safely say that I was NOT READY.

No one was ready. We knew this was Jodie Whittaker’s first comic con as the Doctor (and I’m pretty sure period, correct me if I’m wrong though). We knew they were gonna go big or go home, but oh good gosh I was not ready.

But hey, it’s also my birthday so happy birthday to me, right?

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