Hello everyone and welcome to another WhoReview! I realize that at this point I am an episode behind on my WhoReviews – eventually I will get caught up. Between the holiday, moving and packing, and just life in general I forget to write when I need to.

But finally, here we are. Kerblam was amazing and blew me out of the park – read on to find out more! 

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WhoReview: Demons of Punjab

Hello everyone! We’re back again this week with another WhoReview (late in the week as always… RIP me and my motivation).

Once more this week we had an amazing episode in all of the production ways. Let’s get right to it and get this review on the way and my screaming about how much I love the Doctor.

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Doctor Who Review: Rosa + Arachnids in the UK

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Doctor Who Reviews!

I’ve decided that I’m going to add a whole new category for these, calling them WhoReviews! They’ll be under reviews on the main menu so you can easily navigate them – and I’ll be adding other WhoReviews to the category as well so everything is all nice and neatly done!

I’m a bit behind on reviews and that is my fault – which is why I am combining the two episodes! There wasn’t much new in these episodes really but oh boy was it still as fantastic as the rest! Read more below and as always:


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Doctor Who Review: New titles, new TARDIS and more!

Hello everyone! My brain told me to write a post about something else like my life or something more serious than Doctor Who, but my heart told me to write about Doctor Who, so here I am writing about Doctor Who. One of these days I’ll write something personable but until then, I’m gonna scream about Doctor Who.

Rather than reviewing the episode as a whole, I’m going to just chat about the bits I liked throughout the episode and new things that appear throughout the season. Because with a new Doctor comes a change in the show, so I’m here to nitpick the new things.

And scream about how much I love the Doctor.

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Doctor Who “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” Review

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of the people who have followed me recently since switching over. It really means the world to me!

Now as promised on Twitter, here is my review of the Doctor Who premiere! As per usual, heed to my spoiler warning before moving on.

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Doctor Who at San Diego Comic Con

I knew there was going to be Doctor Who at San Diego Comic Con… I didn’t know there was going to be THIS much. I am going to safely say that I was NOT READY.

No one was ready. We knew this was Jodie Whittaker’s first comic con as the Doctor (and I’m pretty sure period, correct me if I’m wrong though). We knew they were gonna go big or go home, but oh good gosh I was not ready.

But hey, it’s also my birthday so happy birthday to me, right?

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So my post schedule is usually Tuesday/Thursday. Two times a week is enough for me but today we are getting one extra. Why?

The new Doctor has been revealed.


So yes, this post is about the Doctor flipping finally being a woman and the reason why it is AMAZING. Because this is amazing and needs to have recognition (Even though it’s getting plenty with people all over the world talking about it, but I can talk about it anyway. My site. My posts.)

If you live under a rock and haven’t seen who the new Doctor is yet, watch the video above announcing who it is before reading on.

Jodie Whittaker has recently been announced as the Thirteenth Doctor. After the past couple of years with fans literally begging and pleading for the next Doctor to be female, they finally have done it. And you know why? CAUSE STEVEN MOFFATS ASS IS OUT THE DOOR, THAT’S WHY.

Now that probably isn’t the sole reason why we are only just now getting a female Doctor, but if you think about it, she’ll be reigning as the Doctor when a new showrunner starts up. So to me, it makes sense and it wasn’t Steven Moffat’s decision anymore as to the gender of the Doctor. And to my surprise as well, there wasn’t NEARLY as much backlash as I thought there would be with this. Like, I expected riots and blood wars from all the men who watch the show but surprisingly….. there wasn’t a lot?

Of course, there is still a ton of hate. I’m in a Doctor Who group and someone shared the video and literally every single comment was something misogynistic. And then there’s the Daily Mail tweeter who is pissed, and generally of course there were going to be a decent amount of people who weren’t happy. But you know what? It would have been the same way if the Doctor was male. No matter the outcome there would be some people who were unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad and roll with it.

But I, obviously, am THRILLED to have a Thirteenth Doctor. Because in that same Doctor Who group, there was another share of the video and one woman said that her daughter told her “The Doctor is female! Yay! I can finally dress up as the Doctor!” If anyone wants to know why its so important to me that the Doctor is female, THAT is it. For the little girls who love to watch the show, they finally can be the Doctor!

Either way, I think Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is probably going to be my FAVORITE. And sorry this post is short, but it was not planned. I just wanted to share my excitement as to a female Doctor.

We need to talk about Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who series 10 finale was on Sunday night, and I have quite a bit of feelings towards it. A lot happened in the span of an hour and a half with this show. Two Masters?! Is Missy really going good?! DOES THE DOCTOR REGENERATE?! All that and more will get spilled below the cut.

As always read my spoiler warning before proceeding. And this will not be organized. At all. Just a jumbled rant.

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DOCTOR WHO SEASON 9 OPENERS REVIEW: The Magician’s Apprentice and Witch’s Familiar

Doctor Who Season 9 Openers Review
Doctor Who Logo Copyright BBC

I swear this was going to come sooner. Actually, this post was going to come the day after the first episode premiered, but upon watching the show I delayed the review a week so I could do both parts of the episode together, which would make sense since they are part one and two. Thus, delayed review. But alas, here it is: the Doctor Who Season 9 Openers Review: Magician’s Apprentice and Witch’s Familiar!

WARNING: Before you continue, read my philosophy on spoilers here and read at your own risk!

The first episode of the season was The Magician’s Apprentice. It started with a war scene and we see a young boy towards the end tried to get save by a soldier. The soldier gets swallowed up by hand monster things and then the Doctor appears. Long story short, the boy is Davros, leader of the Daleks. The Doctor then panics and leaves.

It fasts forward to a man hunting the universe for the Doctor and asking anybody that might know where he is where he is. With the last person, after the weird guy leaves, we finally see the Doctor as his friend asks him “What have you done?”

Then we see Clara! Clara! Our precious Clara! She’s in full teacher mode when she looks out the window and finds that the planes are stopped. Just stopped in mid-air. She then goes to UNIT with Kate Stewart to try to figure out what’s going on when the Doctor line receives a message. The message reads “OH MISSY YOUR SO FINE YOU SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND” and Clara meets with our darling Missy and the two talk and then set out on a mission to find the Doctor, because he sent her what is basically his will because he believes that he is going to die soon.

They find him in Essex in the year 1138, where he was pretty much just partying it up with a bunch of people from the time period. The weird guy found him as well and turned out to be a weird type of snake, to which the Doctor agreed to go with him to see Davros on his dying days. Clara and Missy won’t let him go alone and they end up going to what they believe is a space ship.

The three are all in a room for a minute or two before the Doctor is taken to see Davros, while Clara and Missy go outside of the space ship and discover that they can walk on what look likes to be space. Shortly later, they discover that they are not on a space ship and rather are on Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks. Doctor is not happy when he discovers this.

The middle stuff is boring but not as important as what happens at the end. Both Missy and Clara get exterminated and the TARDIS gets destroyed, leaving the Doctor alone on Skaro with Davros dying. Thus ends part one!

The Witch’s Familiar premiered the week after the first episode did and was a continuation of the first one. What happens in the first five or so minutes is that we discover that Missy and Clara are not dead but are alive and well in the sewers of Skaro, which are actually kind of like graves for rejected Daleks. Missy tricked Clara into looking at a Dalek security camera and then also shoved her into a Dalek itself to get them inside where they were before again to save the Doctor.

While this is going on, the Doctor is with Davros and he is dying, and the Doctor is taking pity on him. Then he does a stupid. He goes to Davros’ life line tubes and uses regeneration energy to let Davros live about five minutes longer to see the sunset. Obviously, that backfires and Davros hacks it so that all the Daleks and himself have the energy that he has to live longer.

But, that Doctor has a plan. That energy goes to every Dalek on the planet, including the angry dead rejected ones in the sewers. They come up and start to attack Davros and all Daleks. Doctor escapes, finds Missy, who left Clara in the Dalek. Clara finds them and it takes the Doctor a minute to realize that its her in there. Missy escapes and the two of them run to where the TARDIS is hiding and they get in and go away.

Now there’s one little bit of these episodes that’s a bit controversial thus far in the fandom. I was saving that little rant for the end to end the review on a ranty note.


Seriously, sonic sunglasses? No. No. And more NO. The Doctor has had a sonic screwdriver for the first 52 years of this damn show and suddenly idiotic Steven Moffat comes along and decides that he’s going to change them to glasses? Absolutely not. I hate them. I get that it makes sense to have something else sonic since the screwdriver was given to Davros, but he could have taken it back. He could get a new one. ANYTHING BUT THE GLASSES.

Everything else about these two episodes were fantastic and I loved them and it was a great start to the season, but the Doctor needs his screwdriver. End of story.