WHOREVIEW: Resolution

Hello everyone! I missed writing these so much – life is just so boring without Doctor Who on every weekend. Christmas was also rather boring at night without a special; it sort of became a tradition for me to sit down and watch Doctor Who every Christmas night – regardless of who was still over my house.

I think the year that Eleven regenerated into Twelve I literally went into my room by myself with guests still here to watch the episode. And last year I turned it into pretty much a whole event.

But we’re not talking about past specials. Oh no, we’re talking about this year’s special – and how the villain that Whovians everywhere have been waiting for finally made its return.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

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Hello and we’re back with yes another WhoReview! After this there is only one more left in the series for me to review and talk about until New Years when the special premieres.

This one was intriguing because it challenged all of Team TARDIS in different ways. Not as much as the next episode, but still this episode was pretty damn good. 

Sorry this is late, I got a tad lazy with actually finishing it up. 

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Guess who finally caught up on Doctor Who?! Yup, it’s me. At first I didn’t know if I should count these for Blogmas but honestly, at this point, every post counts so here we are. 

I watched all of the ones I was behind on in a row last night and this one was the one I put on while I was in the midst of cooking dinner, so if this review in particular is short…. sorry about it. 

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Hello everyone and welcome to another WhoReview! I realize that at this point I am an episode behind on my WhoReviews – eventually I will get caught up. Between the holiday, moving and packing, and just life in general I forget to write when I need to.

But finally, here we are. Kerblam was amazing and blew me out of the park – read on to find out more! 

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