Bird Box: What’s the Hype?

Hello again! I hope everyone’s having a good day – it’s my first day back at work (at the time of publish) so I’m trying to get myself back into the swing of things after being absent for two weeks.

Today we’re going to take a different direction with this post. It’s not going to quite be a review, but it will be a bit of one at the same time.

I watched Birdbox over my two week vacation back at home (twice, actually) to see what everyone on the internet was freaking out about and I don’t quite get the hype.

It wasn’t stellar, but it also wasn’t terrible.

Before proceeding, read my spoiler warning here and proceed with caution.

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Hidden Figures: Movie Review

You guys have been getting a ton of reviews from me, but that’s because I’ve been reading and watching movies. Hidden Figures, the story of three black women in the 60’s working for NASA and having to struggle to climb up the scale, looked like it was going to be amazing from the start. Their work was revolutionary to the company and started an equal rights movement for NASA.

Katherine Johnson was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work in NASA. The film in based on true events and was absolutely spectacular. As always, read my spoiler warning before you proceed.

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DOCTOR STRANGE movie review

The time has finally come for Alyssa to come out of the shadows and review another Marvel movie. Doctor Strange was hyped and highly anticipated by people all over the world. Some of the reasons why it was hyped may not have been the best reason, like white-washing the Ancient One by casting Tilda Swinton, but none the less people were excited to see the official debut of the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange. I finally got around to seeing it Sunday night in full IMAX 3D glory, and my god this movie was fucking fantastic in every single way I can think of.

Read my spoiler warning here before moving forward.

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Suicide Squad Movie Review

Suicide Squad Movie Review

When I first heard of a movie about bad people doing good things, I laughed in my head. Bad people don’t do good things. But then I saw the trailer for Suicide Squad, and immediately I was hooked. It looked like an awesome go out and have a fun night and some drinks kind of movie. But when it came out, the critics absolutely tore it apart. So here I am, (two weeks late) adding my review to the mix of the critic reviews. Here is my Suicide Squad Movie Review!

As always, read my spoiler warning before proceeding under the cut.

Suicide Squad Movie Review

As a film major who has taken classes in critiquing films, I can see exactly why the critics tore this movie apart. There is almost zero plot. Like, there’s maybe 10% plot in the whole movie. Critics look for that kind of thing in movies, like how well the plot is written and things like that, and in Suicide Squad there was very little, and you had to search very hard to find it.

BUT, with that being said, this was still a VERY good movie! It was a lot of action and fun (especially when you had a drink beforehand but ANYWAYS). Harley was perfect, Deadshot was perfect and I’m actually kind of shipping them together if I’m being honest, but only a little bit. She was amazing at the end, being the one to actually save everything entirely and all.

Jared Leto was terrifying. Like, dude was creepy as hell. He did a fantastic job in my eyes of bringing the Joker back to the big screen after Heath Ledger. His dynamic with Harley was a little less abusive than I thought, because everyone with a brain knows that their relationship is extremely abusive. It was like he had an ounce of care for her and actually had a little bit of a heart to go through everything he did to save her. People think there could have been more Joker in the movie than what there was, but I disagree. If more Joker had been put in that would have taken away the attention of the actual Squad.

Was this a perfect movie? No. Is any movie perfect? If you’re excluding The Godfather, than no. Would I go see this again/buy it when it comes out? Totally, this is gonna make for an awesome stay-in and have a glass of wine kind of night.

Captain America Civil War REVIEW


This post is so damn overdo i’m so sorry

I am dead. I am deceased. I am writing this review from my grave. If you’ve been following me for ages, or just know me period, you know that I am probably one of the worlds biggest Marvel fangirls. I’ve had by this time the chance to see Captain America: Civil war not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. Once prescreening, once pirated online, and the third with friends. My opinion still is pretty much the same, but I was able to pick up on different things seeing it more than once. So here it is, my official Captain America Civil War Review!

As always read my spoiler warning here and don’t bitch if I reveal a spoiler.

So let me outright say that this movie is AMAZING! In every single way. People complained a lot about Marvel releasing to many trailers, but I have to say that they really didn’t reveal the whole big plot and how it would end. But let’s get straight to it, shall we? I’m gonna take a moment to talk about the new characters first, starting with Black Panther.

Black Panther was AWESOME. He started out with a thirst for revenge and ended with realizing he was wrong and doing the right thing in providing Steve & Bucky a place in Wakanda. His acting was great and his development throughout the movie was incredible. He went from wanting to kill Bucky to helping him in the end.

Spider Man was the comic relief of the big fight scene. He’s in a LOT more of the movie than you originally think they would put him in. Tom Holland’s Spider Man interacting with RDJ’s Tony Stark was hysterical, and it clearly shows that Spider Man is just a kid who’s new to the whole superhero thing. He talks throughout the action scenes for comic relief and its amazing.

I have to give a mention to Ant-Man, who was just fucking hysterical. I love Scott Lang and Ant-Man, and I love how he surprised us all with showing us he can go giant.

I entered the theatre being Team Cap, and I still left being Team Cap but that’s probably because Tony was trying to beat the shit out of my Bucky towards the end.

SPEAKING OF THAT LITTLE SHIT – HOW DARE HE PUT HIMSELF BACK TO FUCKING SLEEP AT THE END OF THE MOVIE! Seriously, I just got him back and he goes and he PUTS HIMSELF TO SLEEP AGAIN. I cried a little bit. Oh, I also cried when Peggy Carter’s picture was shown at her funeral.

So that’s all I’ve got for you about Captain America Civil War! Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you think!