One Big Update Post

Half of this post is going to be inspired off of this Daily Inkling, (Do I really need to say where it’s from? If you know me, then you know where it’s from already. It’s by Matt. As always.) and the rest of it is an awesome update for Nerd Side of Life. Well, at least it’s awesome for me. I’m going to leave the website stuff up top and the more personal stuff below. (Look at me, trying new things)

First, thank you so much to everybody who has followed me – we’re at 56 followers now. I know it’s not a lot considering I’m buddies with people who have recently celebrated 500+ (go leave Megan some love cause she is that person), but it is a starting point to my goal of 200 by the end of 2019.

For once, this isn’t debuting a new look for the blog. This current theme will be staying for a long, long time. I like the color palette that I have going on right now and the way the theme looks.

However, I did do something I never thought I would do: I made the blog it’s own Instagram.

Social media promoting and remembering to share my posts is something that I am terrible at. I’ve been getting better at sharing it with two Facebook groups that I am apart of, Geek Blogs Unite and Geek Girls x Bloggers. I also share on a Discord server I’m apart of but that pretty much ends my promoting.

Obviously if I want to grow as a blog and get that following that I want (which is 200 by the end of the year – we’re just over 25% of the way there now) I need to remember to promote my blog. I feel like I am getting better at it at least on Facebook, so that’s a good thing.

Another slightly smaller update for website that still excites me is that I officially have an email!

Not like, my own email address. But like, the SITE has one.

So now if for any reason you need to email me things, is the way to go. I had my other website email address in (which is btw – it’s a portfolio and it needs updating) but I feel good about now Nerd Side of Life having one of its own.

If you want to read the personal stuff, take a look under the cut!

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